Posted by: pineapplemama | April 8, 2013

People are still reading??

I haven written on my blog for about 2 years now. I have tried to put Hawaii behind me because I feel devastated every time I think about my shortened adventure. I left my heart there and I don’t feel there is another place in this world that will make me feel at home.

I still have dreams. Pineapple Mama dreams. My Husband only has one year left of Pharmacy school. What if he could somehow score a job as a Pharmacist on the Big Island next year?? What if we could sell absolutely everything again and start from scratch? I have an elaborate dream. One that I can realistically see happening. I have connections….(love you Bestie) I want my own show. Yep, envision it….I love to cook so I would reach out to the populace in Hawaii to share their life and recipes with me. I want to hear their stories about their heritage and culture. And learn good recipes that were passed down from generation to generation. I want to enlighten the world with the beautiful culture I have grown to love. But that’s not all.

Nope not me. Dream big or not at all. I want to own my own hotel, Pineapple Paradise Inn. And in the lobby of my hotel I want to have a Pineapple Mama’s restaurant where people all over the world can visit me and eat my food. I want to see some more scary fruit like the Rambutan (that look more like sea urchens rather than food) and more tropical fruits and veggies that I have neither seen nor heard of before. I want to take people on my adventures not only on TV but in reality as well.

I want a forever 80 degree awesomness that is the weather and NEVER be cold again!! I want to own my own summer clothing line for swimsuits, summer dresses and sandals that anyone can buy whether theyre in paradise or not. And a summer fragrance that smells like a pinecolada. Oh yes….You could visit me wearing my swimsuit and sun dress, smelling like a pinecolada, staying at my Paradise Inn while eating my yummy Native food.

Guys….my blog shows I still have readers in the US AND Alaska! Holy moly!!

I still have huge dreams. And who knows…maybe that’s all they are. Dreams. But what if my story has a fairy tale ending? I could be the lady who gets reunited with her flip flop (instead of a glass slipper) who parades to the beach with an endless summer of pineapple and paradise. Mmmmm……my kind of heaven. Yes please.


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