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People are still reading??

I haven written on my blog for about 2 years now. I have tried to put Hawaii behind me because I feel devastated every time I think about my shortened adventure. I left my heart there and I don’t feel there is another place in this world that will make me feel at home.

I still have dreams. Pineapple Mama dreams. My Husband only has one year left of Pharmacy school. What if he could somehow score a job as a Pharmacist on the Big Island next year?? What if we could sell absolutely everything again and start from scratch? I have an elaborate dream. One that I can realistically see happening. I have connections….(love you Bestie) I want my own show. Yep, envision it….I love to cook so I would reach out to the populace in Hawaii to share their life and recipes with me. I want to hear their stories about their heritage and culture. And learn good recipes that were passed down from generation to generation. I want to enlighten the world with the beautiful culture I have grown to love. But that’s not all.

Nope not me. Dream big or not at all. I want to own my own hotel, Pineapple Paradise Inn. And in the lobby of my hotel I want to have a Pineapple Mama’s restaurant where people all over the world can visit me and eat my food. I want to see some more scary fruit like the Rambutan (that look more like sea urchens rather than food) and more tropical fruits and veggies that I have neither seen nor heard of before. I want to take people on my adventures not only on TV but in reality as well.

I want a forever 80 degree awesomness that is the weather and NEVER be cold again!! I want to own my own summer clothing line for swimsuits, summer dresses and sandals that anyone can buy whether theyre in paradise or not. And a summer fragrance that smells like a pinecolada. Oh yes….You could visit me wearing my swimsuit and sun dress, smelling like a pinecolada, staying at my Paradise Inn while eating my yummy Native food.

Guys….my blog shows I still have readers in the US AND Alaska! Holy moly!!

I still have huge dreams. And who knows…maybe that’s all they are. Dreams. But what if my story has a fairy tale ending? I could be the lady who gets reunited with her flip flop (instead of a glass slipper) who parades to the beach with an endless summer of pineapple and paradise. Mmmmm……my kind of heaven. Yes please.

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I really enjoy reading. I go to the library once a week and pick up a couple of new books to read. One I read recently was named “Honolulu” by Alan Brennert. It’s a novel about a fictional character but much of it is based on the war between Japan and the surrounding Asian countries around the 1940’s. The young females offered themselves as “picture brides” to some lonely Asian men in Hawaii who moved there for a better life. This also appealed to the woman who wanted to escape their lives and move to America.

It helped me to understand how so many of the people in Hawaii’s population is of Asian decent. It made me sad to read this one girls journey as a picture bride in hopes of a better life. She met a lot of turmoil and tragedy before she found happiness in paradise but it really gave me a sense of how the haolie’s took advantage of the Asians as cheap labor in the sugar cane fields and pineapple plants. It was written with journal entries and other books and historical depictions so it really gave you a sense that the main character could have been a real person. And also for what the islands were like before they became popular tourist destinations.  That was a fun adventure.

Interestingly enough, a few people have told me I should write my own book. I find this hysterical since I don’t have a college education, no major in English, no experience to think of really. Except for my interest in reading, I’m not sure Id know the first thing about writing a book. But there is one thing I know, and that’s that I have a BIG imagination.

I have contemplated writing a story about a young women I saw in Hawaii. I saw her for only a few seconds but she left an impression on me as I wondered what her story was.

She was walking down Airport road from the Hilo post office. She had LONG blond dread locks with a hiking back pack and a jansport riding backwards on her chest. She was a beach bum back packing in Hawaii carrying her home on her back. She couldn’t have been more than 21 years old. I wondered what brought her to this point in her life. Was she alone? Was she running away from someone or something?

I have imagined her story in my mind for about 5 months now. In my own version of her life I have the answers to why she was alone and what brought her to Hawaii. I have a 2 year journey mapped out for her and I see how her adventure changes her life.

If I can write a blog I can at least write a short story or something. I feel like I need to tell her story. If only to my friends and family on this blog, at least her story would be told.

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I am always amazed at how much support I get from writing this blog. I wonder what it is that’s so captivating. Maybe writing from my heart is relatable. But whatever the reason, it makes me happy to think I have some faithful friends and family members that appreciate my view of life.

I am currently reading a book called “Under Fishbone Clouds” by Sam Meekings. It’s not an easy read but it captivates me. It’s a love story taking place in China in the 1940’s during the war between Japan and China. This Author also slips in a TON of History and gives you a real sense of the Chinese culture during this time. My brain usually turns off during a history lecture but I find this period in their History fascinating. 

But this author makes me think more about life as he writes from a “Chinese kitchen God” view. This God has been given a quest to find out how to describe the human heart. He follows the lives of two people in China as he truly discovers truth about love and life. He goes down to observe the world and asks a poet to give him a definition of the workings of the human heart so that he can impress the Emperor God up in Heaven with his knowledge. 

The poet talks about life and says “The long journey carries us through a river of stars.” He asks the poet “Do you mean that the heart is a river sir?” And the poet replies, “No. I mean that life is a journey and we are carried along like uprooted water weeds. You can either keep trying to work out where it will take you, and ignore the things that pass you by, or you can enjoy the stars reflected in the river and not worry about where you will finally end up.”

This obviously speaks volumes to me. It reminds me to enjoy the view at this point in my life. I don’t want to let the little miracles all around me to go unnoticed. As much as it would please me to fast forward the next 3 years of my life I have to realise that the next three years are going to shape me into the person I will be. So maybe its time to slow down and enjoy. I’m not going to worry about where I end up because I will get there eventually. The here and now is all I’ve got.

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I have fallen off of the virtual map. For about a month I rarely checked my e-mail or went on Facebook. (Gasp!) I questioned why I even have a blog. There aren’t too many adventures in Utah. Okay, NO adventures. My life is lack luster and dull just like the weather.

But then a natural disaster brings my mind into focus. The HUGE 8.9 earth quake in Japan sent my mind into over drive as I suddenly feel the delicate nature of mortality. My heart feels close to Japan as it is a major influence on Hawaii. Many people from Japan move to Hawaii. It still feels like home but with the added benefits of living in the land of the free.

The gigantic tsunami rocked the world killing thousands. If I had money (and no small children) I would take a back pack of essentials and board a plane to Japan. I wish I could volunteer to clean up and care for the wounded in spirit and body. Its nothing like the internet to post epic videos of the disaster as it happens as you witness the aftermath. Technology can make us feel as though we were there. Amazing.

So my home, Hawaii, was barely touched by this historic monstrosity. My friends are safe. They felt a 4.5 earthquake on the Big Island which sent off the volcano’s Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea. The Tsunami sirens were blaring all night and the beach front properties were evacuated. School was canceled the next day as every one was frazzled. But Hilo was unscathed. Kona had a bit of damage to roads and buildings from high waves but nothing fatal.

Everyone says, “Arent you glad you aren’t in Hawaii right now?” Actually… I still VERY much want to be picking Pineapple’s in my back yard, feeding Ladies Man and hanging laundry to dry while slipping on my swimsuit and flip-flops in the dead of winter and enjoying a day in the sun. As scary as a Tsunami would be, it would still be one for the books. Something exciting. Anything.

I once again have the polished Bob, full make up and nice clothes. A white minivan, carpools and homework. Nothing could be more ordinary. Nothing free-falling, natural and delicious.

My Husband and I toy with the idea of applying for Pharmacist jobs in Hilo and Kona when school is over. He could open his own Pharmacy is a country-ish town on the Big Island. I could own a bit of Hawaiian country and harvest my own tropical fruits. Maybe an old Bed and Breakfast. Have a guest house (or Ohana dwelling) for family and friends. Wouldnt I be a fun vacation idea.? Pineapple Mama Bed and Breakfast. Pinecolada’s for everyone. I could finally be me. Not the polished one everyone feels they have to be. No more fashion shows just for the grocery store. No more prefect sparkling everything with high expectations and brutal judgement for not believing in big, better, best. 

The REAL me is Pineapple Mama. But to suburbia I am just another nobody trying to be a somebody.

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In With the Old… Becomes the New You

An observation of myself. Have you ever talked to an old friend that you havent seen in years? It’s weird but it’s like you revert back to the person you used to be when you knew them. 

Everyone is in a constant cycle of change. We evolve and grow and learn from people, places and circumstances. But why do we revert back to the younger version of ourselves when we go to a High School reunion or see an old friend for the first time in 12 years? Or hear an old song and are transported back in time?

My mind is still 21 but my body is 31. I had a dream the other night that I was young and single and a friend was setting me up on a hot date. The boy was so adorable!! I started up a flirting fest and was desperate for this guy to like me. I found myself acting silly and stupid like how I used to when I was young and retarded. But then as we were getting to know each other I took a second look at myself in a mirror on a fireplace mantel. Looking at this adorable boy next to me and then seeing my 31-year-old self I remembered “Oh yeah. I’m not 21. I’m 31!! Oh…..I have 3 kids too!!”

 Obviously this was a deal breaker for the hunk in my dreams but I saw myself slowly evolving into the more mature woman of wisdom through life experiences. I no longer felt the needy desperate feeling of acceptance from this cute boy and realized the man of my dreams has gray hair slowly taking over his dark brown hair, with deep green eyes and a dimple on his left cheek. The man I have spent almost 9 years with. The man I have found comfort and peace with while learning and growing together. My Husband. ❤

So as we fuse the old with the new, lets remember to take a good look at ourselves every now and then. Remember what it took for you to get to this point in your life. If you’re not happy, change. Sometimes it will be your situation or even your point of view.  Everyone deserves happiness. So live in paradise every day. Take the pinecolada that’s meant to be yours and enjoy every delicious sip.

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My favorite flowers in my old backyard

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I’m not book smart or street smart. I don’t have a major in phycology. In fact I don’t have a “major” in anything. But I know people. I understand them. And I am observant. This is my observation.

My last month in Hawaii was a challenge. And I’m not only talking about the stress of selling everything (again) and boarding a plane with three kids, a Husband, 6 suitcases and 5 carry-ons. (ugh….) I had anxiety over going back to my old life. I was excited to see some old friends and beloved family. But there was a couple of people I had a hard time getting along with. And I wasnt looking forward to facing them again. But upon some soul-searching I realized what the Native Hawaiian’s have known all along.

Mood is contagious. Everyone is sensitive to your mood and personality. So if you want a relationship to change in your life then look to yourself first and ask “What do I need to change about me to make this relationship better?”

I really believe you can have a great relationship with ANY ONE. Change the way you react and respond. Take a bulldozer to that wall you built around yourself.  Show kindness, understanding, compassion and love. And geez…..lighten up. Our adventure called life is too short.  

And one last piece of advice. Just remember….EVERYONE is just as insecure as you are whether they show it or not. So build up their ego and yours will strengthen too.

So pull up a seat next to your friend or loved one, make a homemade pinecolada with a little umbrella and enjoy the view. Friendship is better as a sunrise rather than a pitch blackened sky without a single star in it.


Pineapple Mama

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Gary the Snail

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Bad day

I don’t consider myself a prejudice person. I TRY not to judge. I realize I don’t know everyone’s situation or circumstances so I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. But is it a culture thing? Are Hispanics raised to be rude and obnoxious?

I have tried to see them like my sweet Hawaiian people but they just aren’t. Taking my kids to and from school every day is like a circus. There is honking and cursing and cutting people off and people driving in lanes they are not supposed to be in. While waiting at a stop light to turn right on a busy road, people in the back of the line honk and swerve and try to cut in the front of the line. Geez….

Going to the grocery store is a bit of the same. I was in line with 2 carts of groceries (since I am starting from scratch here) and the guy behind me is huffing and puffing and throwing and slamming his groceries on the conveyor belt behind my load. Dirty looks and just all out bad energy.

I’m not a voo doo weird kind of lady but I tend to pick up on people’s moods and feel the pressure of their anger or frustration. Not pleasant.

I like to reflect upon my days in Paradise in these situations. Its calming and renewing. I think back to our very last week and the little visitors we had in our backyard. It was warm and sticky. The grass was Technicolor green and the flowers were bright and vibrant. Not something I’m used to feeling or seeing in December. We found two LARGE snail’s in our backyard. They were about 4 inches long I would say. We named them Gary (as in SpongeBob’s gary) and the other one we deemed his wife. Her name was Harriet. So Gary and Harriet were slithering along looking for food along the lava rocks in the back yard. 

I personally look but don’t touch. Ewww….. But they were cute in their own way. The kids picked them up and they sucked back into their shell protectively. (Cant blame them there.) and the kids played with Gary and Harriet that whole afternoon.

Sweeping the floors in my little Hawaiian bungalow and hanging linens to dry on the line under my house built on stilts. Was it really just a month ago when I basked in the sun and felt the spongy grass on my feet? Heard the pitter patter of a warm rain storm on my red tin roof? 

Memories are all I have to escape this crazy city I live in.

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I took the time to read my blog from the beginning. I got to experience my shortened adventure all over again. I felt as though I was reading someone elses story. Did I really do that?

Things are getting back to normal around here. I have a “new to me” minivan and we live in a luxurious 3 bedroom apartment. Who knew an apartment could feel like heaven. There is a Pool, club house and a playground and my favorite……a fitness center. Time to get rid of the pitty pat poochy that the “Yummy grinds” in Hawaii gave to me. I am wearing make-up again everyday and flat ironing my hair and wearing jeans and boots.

In Hawaii I was so easy and care free. No make-up and always in a swimsuit, sun dress and flip flops. Never a fashion concern. People would look at you funny if you got all dressed up for the beach. I find myself reverting back to the cookie cutter soccer Mom and this concerns me somewhat. I like dressing up and caring for myself again but it’s so easy for me to get sucked up into the disease I call the “gimmie gimmie’s” and the “All about me”. This world we live in promotes bigger better best, shiny sparkle glitter, skinny perfect clean, me me me, and no us or you. Why is it that this American society we live reflects on perfection. 

Why cant we just take a chill pill and love our neighbor? Im scared I am getting sucked into the typical American lifestyle.

Dont ever leave my heart Hawaii. Lets make this world a better place.

Pineapple Mama

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